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Comprehensive service throughout the country means your region is covered by local, qualified staff with extensive experience. ElectriServ offers specialists in electrical design and installation, preventative and reactive maintenance programmes, 24/7 support features, industrial site maintenance and engineering.

Maintenance Services 24-Hours a Day

Operating 24/7 from our regional bases in Auckland, Tauranga and Whakatane, the ElectriServ service team provides maintenance services to a large cross section of major industries in multiple locations.

We’ve established a national service network of highly experienced ElectriServ staff  and subcontractors with a diverse skill set, including familiarity with traditional and new technology,  available to respond 24 / 7 using rostered on-call staff available for after hours emergency work.

Services include:

  • Alternative and emergency power;
  • Audio visual systems;
  • Automation and control systems;
  • Boiler systems;
  • Central, space and water heating;
  • Data and security systems;
  • Electrical assets;
  • Gas boosted solar systems;
  • Gas cooking;
  • Lighting;
  • PLC programming and maintenance;
  • Power supply and distribution;
  • SCADA systems; and
  • Telemetry and communication systems.


Programmed Maintenance and Testing Services

We’re trusted to undertake regular maintenance work, routine testing and inspection regimes for customers throughout New Zealand. Maintenance is carried out by skilled personnel, using specialised machinery and equipment purchased specifically for the task.

We work closely with our customers to plan routine on-site maintenance programmes, which can include:

  • Earthing testing, electrical and static, for hazardous areas;
  • Hazardous area electrical equipment verification checks and documentation management;
  • IQP emergency lighting inspections;
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), creating auto print appliance tags and downloadable test data;
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC) checks and data recording for comparative analysis;
  • Rectification systems battery discharging and monitoring using computerised downloadable software, recording one minute interval report data per block for comparative reports;
  • Residual Current Device (RCD) testing and reports;
  • Standby power systems and generation equipment;
  • Thermographic equipment analysis; and
  • Uninterruptible power systems (UPS) testing, inspection and reports.


Our qualified and licensed technical and trade specialists provide system and equipment testing and certification across all of our trade disciplines.

  • Milking machinery and pumping;
  • Potable water systems;
  • Electrical, data and automation;
  • Plumbing and drainage;
  • Refrigeration;
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) systems;
  • Gas and solar hot water systems.

Find out more about routine maintenance for your company.

First-line Fault Finding Service

ElectriServ provides a first-line fault finding service, primarily covering:

  • Building services equipment;
  • Compressors;
  • Control systems;
  • Conveyors;
  • Earth leakage / stray voltage identification;
  • Lighting and power;
  • Manufacturing machinery;
  • Rectifiers;
  • Uninterruptible power systems (UPS); and
  • Variable speed drives.

Design and Installation Services

Multi-level commercial office buildings, industrial and infrastructure outfits, education and health care sector facilities demand varied and unique electrical and wiring requirements.  When you’re dealing with electrical, data, audio visual and security services, power and lighting, air conditioning or refrigeration systems – it’s crucial to get it right from the start.

ElectriServ has a reputation for undertaking large, detailed installations with teams known for their ability to tackle the more unusual or difficult installation needs of particular industries. Our highly skilled trade staff have extensive knowledge in industrial installation requirements and are fully aware of site electrical and safety standards.

We work closely alongside our customers to deliver design and installation for:

  • Automation;
  • Building services, lighting and power;
  • Control systems;
  • Heavy power reticulation;
  • Low, medium and high voltage reticulation;
  • Material handling systems;
  • Power factor correction (PFC);
  • Prime and standby generation;
  • Reticulation of DC systems;
  • Solar energy storage solutions;
  • Switchboard and distribution systems;
  • Thermographic imaging;
  • Uninterruptible power systems (UPS); and
  • Water hearing solutions.

Facilities Maintenance

We’re experts in maintaining a wide range of diverse facilities in a variety of industrial and commercial sectors. Our electrical and facilities maintenance contracts cover multiple sites and trades. We provide FM services to a number of national clients from the East to West coast of the North Island through Taupo, and North to Kaitaia.

Our work includes building and grounds maintenance, building fire-fighting equipment compliance, air conditioning, electrical, DC Rectification, generators and computer suite security.  ElectriServ holds UPS and standby generation maintenance contracts in major centres, from Auckland to Christchurch.

Talk to us about maintenance for your facility. 

Industrial Site Maintenance

ElectriServ is involved in the ongoing maintenance planning of some of New Zealand’s major industries.

We provide full time maintenance coverage and general maintenance support ranging from the stringent hygiene control of food to timber, plastic, chemical and steel plants.

Maintenance sites are set up on an individual basis. We work with you on every aspect of your maintenance programme to carefully coordinate costs and methodology. Our staff become closely aligned with plants and in many cases become part of the maintenance planning team.

We also provide back-up help for smaller manufacturing companies who employ full time maintenance electricians, providing support when staff take leave or are over committed.

Resources for Major Projects

Looking for extra support on major electrical projects?

Our core team of industrial trade staff can be supplemented by extra staff from our trusted network of pre-qualified sub contractors, when required, to allow us to take on major project works. Staff are waged employees and are engaged in work primarily located in the North Island.

We’re continually reviewing and renewing our specialised equipment and machinery. We operate a policy of constant check ups to ensure the highest quality equipment is used by staff in the field.


Our engineers work closely with you to identify operational challenges and design functional solutions to overcome safety, power and control issues in conjunction with production staff.

When presented with complex issues, our staff are fully supported by our in-house CAD draughting and plotting facilities. This enables the prompt preparation of high standard project documentation.

Find an engineering solution for your company. 


Our estimating team offers a complete range of support in costing for capital expenditure or tendering. We produce consistent and competitive pricing, with the ability to produce material and labour reports that flow through to contract management staff, formulating material purchasing and labour scheduling for secured works.

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It is great to feel relaxed about having the right the contractor doing the work which assists me concentrating on other areas. The professionalism and diligence displayed was fantastic not only from a H&S perspective but from a personal level.

Well done to all and keep up the great work.

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